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word [Jun. 5th, 2008|09:47 am]
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thats what ive been up to.

his smile takes my breath away.
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hola [Apr. 3rd, 2008|09:07 pm]
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look at how gorgeous he is!

hes an absolute beauty, and blonde still! he turned 1 year a month ago, of course hes about 10 1/2 months corrected. but hes crawling (toolin really) and furniture cruising. he babbles and tries to say words. hes almost got "baby" and tries to say "puffie"and "pretty".

o it's just awesome.
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hey guys [Dec. 18th, 2007|09:24 pm]
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i know its been awhile. ya know, kid n all. but i must confess i prefer to use myspace now. shits so much easier. when i get a moment ill post some pics. but if anyone feels moved enough to check out my myspace do it up. i have so many pictures on it. tucker is gorgeous. i still cant believe i even made one! never mind one thats friggin adorable!

anyway. milfs as suckass as usual. ry got a job offer in maine for the summer lobster season. alil excited. not gunna lie.

i love you guys!
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(no subject) [May. 9th, 2007|12:27 pm]
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hey everyone. i know its been awhile. so much of my time is spent at the hospital with tucker that i barely get time to relax. but hes done amazingly well. as of last nights visit he is 7 pounds 3 ounces. hes grown big ole beautiful cheeks. the nurses love him. i guess they fight over who gets to hold him. my lil nursery pimp. monday we went to visit and planned to do a lil cpr review and the doc decided to do his circumcision then. poor little man. his little cries are heartwrenching and adorable at the same time. hes just beautiful. but the best news of all... monday hes coming home. i cant believe it, its been so long. the wednesday after he will be 3 months old. i already know im going to ball when we pack him up to leave. i have to go. but ill update again soon. bye all.
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tiny smiles! [Mar. 16th, 2007|11:50 am]
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hey there.

everythings going well. tucker got off the c-pap machine so we could actually see his whole face for the first time since he was born! and ohh hes so beautiful. he has gorgeous big blue eyes (we'll see if they stay blue) and the cutest lil nose. we think he has my nose. and my feet. and my ears. he has ryans hands and lips. precious. they have him on caffiene to keep him from forgetting to breathe. my lil caffiene junkie. whatever helps. i just want to take him home. i got to "kangaroo" with him this past visit. its where you put him on your bare chest with him only in his diaper. it helps with develpmental progress and bonding
(and milk production). he's 2 lbs 9oz now.

oooo!!!! when i was kangarooing with him the first time, he opened his eyes for us the most weve seen so far.. and he smiled! a lot actually. omg, that tiny toothless grin could make anyones heart melt. with any luck the pictures we'll get back from riteaid today should show a smile or two. i hope so. we have a couple new ones that ill post later with any good ones from riteaid.

so excited. im gunna go look at some pictures now, i cant get enough. later.
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(no subject) [Mar. 12th, 2007|06:47 pm]
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hey yall.

tucker's doing really well. hes on full feedings now and they are weaning off the machine that keeps his lungs open after he takes a breath, so as long as he keeps going and doing well he'll be able to get retransferred to snh med center, and be soooo much closer. 20 minutes away compared to 2 hours makes a world of difference.

wicked cute story. my aunt and uncle went to watch the helicopter take off when he was transferred to dartmouth on his bday, they said they saw a shooting star fly over the helicopter. aww.

his nurse a few days ago let us take one of his teeny diapers home. i put it in his album, omg its so small. it fits in a 4X6 photo slot. teeny.

my aunts n uncle are planning a coming home party for him i guess. my aunt let me in on it the last time she was here. yay. i cant wait to take him home.

that and i havent had my baby shower yet. i cant wait to play with all the tiny clothes.

well im gunna go. later.
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surprise! [Feb. 24th, 2007|01:12 pm]
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so... i wasnt due until may 27th, but the lil one decided to come early. 13 weeks early. i had him this wednesday. which just happened to be me n ryans 1 1/2 year anniv. defintly a memorable way to spend it.

he's beautiful.

his name is Tucker Maddox Hall, he was 2 lbs 2 oz and 14.5 inches long. born at 2:42 pm. and all natural too, he just came out too fast. i only went through about 5 hours of labor, started at 8:45am and i had a routine doc's appt at 10, the contractions kept getting worse as time passed, once the doc saw me and asked some questions, how far apart are they etc., he sent me to the hospital. they checked me and i was already fully dialated, and they could see membranes (mmmmmm membranes) peeking. they wanted to put off my water breaking as long as possible for his sake, but as the contractions kept coming so did the pressure and the urge to push and my body kept trying to push and i just couldnt hold it off. they were about to give me an epidural, so i could relax, and hopefully things would slow down, but nope. my water broke, and it sounded like a huge water balloon breaking and a minute later there he was.

but he's doing well. he was transferred by helicopter to the Dartmouth Hitchcock Center in Lebanon that night. and sometime that night they took him off the ventilator. he's breathing on his own without any oxygen so thats good. they'll probly take the photolamp off him today or tomorrow (its for a bit of jaundice). but everything looks good. he hasnt forgotten to breathe today (preemies do that) and his heartrate has been steady. ill be up in lebanon with him during the week and come home on the weekends. i just want to be with my lil munchkin.

its still a shocker realizing that he's already here. we didnt expect him so soon. but hes a such a love. hes so damn cute.

i put some pictures up on this aol thing. i think everyone should be able to view them. the last 3 pics are in color and you can see his cuteness better.


you might have to copy and paste. hopefully it works.

pray for him.

ok im gunna go duties call.
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it's alil dusty in here.... [Jan. 18th, 2007|10:28 am]
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yeah. i just thought hey. whats everyone up to?

i really wish my scanner was working correctly so i could show everyone.

Teg, you remember that day you came through the BK drive thru? yeah well alil after that i tried getting a hold of you a few times.

coulndt have been a week later i found out im havin a lil boy. well actually we didnt find out the gender till just before xmas.

we're really excited. by we i mean Ryan Hall. he grad'd with us, totally wasnt in our crowd back then, its actually kind of scary how many times we've crossed paths. weve been together a year and a half now. longest relationship ive ever had. but we're really happy. and make eachother really happy. i cant wait to get some pictures up.

i have a poochie too. he's a jack russell, short version. hehe. fits me huh? his name is Jibba. he's a spoiled lil cutie.

yeah. so the party phase calmed right the fuck down. well it did that about a year ago or more. i just work and chill at home with Ryan, Jibbs, muh dad, Cory n Alyssa, or go out to visit John n Kelly or Elise. you guys remember Elise, she had one of those personalities, what do i mean had? but she has a lil oy of her own too. Hayden, and i swear he is the cutest baby boy ive ever seen. well Whitney Zemotel and Dunbar's baby Aiden is pretty damned cute himself. a couple of days after xmas we saw them at walmart and Aiden had a "Thing 1" tshirt on and Dunbar had a "Thing 2". that was adorable.

yeah, none of you would be wrong if you said everyone is getting pregnant. though i've said that for like...a year and a half. when Cathy Dobbins was pregnant with Ricky Cooley's #2, and Megan Fay was pregnant. Meg actually just had her #2. and Amy just had Ricky's #3. kid's outta control. oh, and Jay Hughes' lil girl is due the day after me. im due may 27th. im almost 6 months now.

well im gonna head out. gotta go to work in a bit. see ya.
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(no subject) [May. 17th, 2005|11:23 pm]
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just realized how much sense that last post DIDNT make. and i was more sober then, can you imagine? yes. i have much more mental clarity when im beaming off mushrooms, i swear to god. my dad and i were talking about it, many of the well known geniuses of the past were big drug users. i think of them (and when i say "them" im referring to the organic, naturally occuring, also safer drugs, weed and mushrooms) as a mind enhancer not as how the media and government officials try to pass it off as. dont think of this as a druggie rant, those friends of mine totally against such use, but just hear me out.

now imagine.

space, the universe, everything you know, forget it, space, is empty.

youre in a large pool. youre laying naked, cozily, in a warm gooey substance and there are soothing colorful lights all around you.

you are perfectly content.

imagine feeling a change. youre moving, the goo is moving. the large pool, is tipping, and emptying.

you are dropped, suddenly, landing a hard fall on dry bare pavement. gravity sets into youre body and you adjust to see a large bright white light staring you in the face.

that is my creative description of a person on drugs, then a person coming off of drugs. the bright white light is reality you see, forcing you get the fuck up and get back to work and out of the cozy dream world.

i have a couple more. but i have things to attend to.

peace later. lovins
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(no subject) [May. 17th, 2005|10:24 pm]
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my dad and i had a great discussion about geniuses and drugs. how many of them used them. and ya know every time i come down off fungus i can actually put images in my head into beautiful descriptions and have such incredible depth and meaning. ill have to illustrate some day.

and it will be glorious. only bc half the people i know might shit themselves, never having heard such words come out of my mouth.

on another note, talked to james, hes been having seizures and think that when he flipped out and died in the BR that it was him having a seizure. crazy shit.

well ima go. peace later. much loveeeee
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